Osborne & Little Wallcovering

Osborne & Little Wallcovering

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The Osborne & Little brand is synonymous with word quality, a hard won standard that applies to all elements of the Osborne & Little line. It is seen in their commitment to design innovation and excellence. It is observed in the impeccable attention to detail and in the unbelievable beauty of their finished product their world-renowned wallcoverings. Recently Osborne & Little was called upon by British Airways to create exclusive looks for one of their terminals.

Some of their collection looks to the boundary between Europe and Asia, the country of Turkey. This amazing place is a whirlpool of sensibilities, traditions, and styles, which provide the inspiration for some of their wallcoverings. While traditional colors and designs mark some of their collections, there is also plenty of room for the exotic in the Osborne and Little line of wallcoverings.

Osborne and Little began in the wild and wolly Swinging 60s when Peter Osborne, and his brother-in-law Antony Little launched their first collection in London. It was a time of pushing boundaries and making waves, and Osborne and Little was no exception. Their line brought them immediate success and set them on a path of innovation above imitation. Over the last 50 years, Osborne and Little has formed exciting partnerships with such noted design leaders as Nina Campbell, Lorca and Matthew Williamson, further cementing their reputation as a leader with extraordinary artistic vision.


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