What's Trending This Season? Five Ways That Add Warmth to Your Home

This time of year brings people outside — and even when indoors, the season infuses the home. The spring and summer season is about renewal, in all our spaces. People want colors and décor that reflect the nature around them. After all, it’s the season we spend more time outdoors … in the backyard, at BBQs or walking through the woods. Here are five trends you can tap into to make your home springtime ready.

blue and yellow living room

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  1. Creating Calm With Color and Design

After the past two years of stress, a little tranquility is welcome. This need for quieter, calming spaces is reflected in design choices, offered Katherine Cohen, trend and product expert at FLOR. “The severe lines and bold cool colors of the 2010s have been phased out in place of warmer hues paired with softer, curving shapes as designers aim for more serenity and less anxiety.”

Rounded shapes will become the height of popularity this season — and something you’ll see in floor and wall coverings as well as angles of furniture. 

With color, you’ll see wood tones, soft pastels and nature-influenced colors like moss greens and saturated reds. “Even in the kitchen, while white will always be timeless, we are seeking colors like yellow that bring joy and cheer,” said Karen Lee, founder of Smart Robotic Home.

Emerald green, Etsy’s color for 2022, also works well, according to Home expert Richard Petrie at Thomas Sanderson and can appear as a base or accent color. “From statement feature walls to accessories like cushions and throws, emerald green décor continues to provide a stylish appearance to your home,” he said.

Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year — Evergreen Fog — also welcomes spring into your home. “It’s a simple yet sophisticated shade that reminds you of the soothing feel of nature,” said Alexis Owens, Director of Marketing at LIME Painting. “It’s a match made in heaven for those who gravitate towards neutral colors, but are eager to try something new.”

Owens also recommended baby blue and yellow shades. Blue evokes optimism and freshness, and yellow imitates the bright rays of the sun during the warmer weather, she explained.

If you’re not sure a certain hue will work in your home, try bringing in the new color with accent pillows, vases and artwork to see how it makes you feel, suggested Lee. Some areas won’t work with particular colors. “You need to consider things such as the amount of natural light the room has, as well as how big it is,” she said. Spaces, such as bathrooms and kitchens, for instance, often have more artificial light than natural. Colors that are soft can also easily become lost in a larger, darker space. 

retro living room

Photo credit: FLOR

  1. Return of Retro

Feeding into the need for a peaceful home comes a wave of nostalgia, with interior design giving props to the past as a way to jumpstart the look of the future. From the wood-paneled excess of the ‘70s, to the soft pastel palettes of the ‘80s and the bold, eclectic patterns of the ‘90s, retro influences are everywhere, according to Cohen.

One way to pay homage to the past and stay eco friendly is by modernizing and showcasing old family pieces. “Granny chic” is in right now, according to Lee. “Look at your bar cart, shelf scaping, table centerpieces and gallery walls as opportunities to style in a new way what you already have and share a little bit of your family story in the process,” she offered. 

living room with retro chairs

Photo credit: FLOR

  1. Keep It Sustainable

As climate talks circle around the world, sustainable products become more and more popular. In fact, 57% of consumers would change their purchasing behavior to reduce negative environmental impact, reported the National Retail Federation.

People want to know where their products come from, how they are manufactured, if resources are sustainable and other factors. The design industry is paying attention to these desires — and incorporating more sustainable elements into their work.

Many people are also creating spaces that function as more than one thing. Why have two rooms when one can serve your needs just as well? Some good ideas for this include making a home office in a corner of your living room, or to use a portion of your bedroom for workouts. “More people are trying to get as much as they can out of their homes, especially if they are on the smaller side,” offered Priscilla Moiseoff, lead stylist and interior designer at Walker Edison Furniture.

outdoor porch with box garden

Photo credit: Kevin Cressey

  1. Bring the Outdoors Inside

In the warmer months, people like to linger outside. That’s why it’s a perfect time to create an outdoor room. “Expanding your living space by going outside is a great way to expand your life and give you a great way to entertain,” said Jeanette Chasworth of The Color Whisperer. “Maybe it’s time to take that covered porch and turn it into a room or create an outdoor room, a deck or create some areas to entertain.”

Sometimes an outdoor social area comes together by merely putting a sofa and a few stools together in a circle. Add a craft space or dining area with a long table and chairs. Then add a few planters to bring the garden feel even closer. “An outdoor room can add a lot to your living space,” explained Chasworth. “It can be done as simply as getting some inexpensive patio furniture to creating a deck, converting that porch or starting fresh with a gazebo. Your budget and your imagination are the only restraints.”

Adding flowers to your space are a no-brainer during the springtime. “The goal is to bring the outdoors indoors with flower arrangements or a simple floor plant without overwhelming your space, recommended style expert Farah Merhi. “Think about this addition in the same way you’d think about adding smaller accessories to a coffee table or bookshelf.”

You can also bring in tree branches to get that back-to-nature feel. Not only are they decorative, but also you can often find ones in your backyard or on a walk. Presto, you’ll have an instant centerpiece. 

outdoor living room

Photo credit: Thomas Sanderson

  1. A Little Change Will Do You Good

Adjusting to the seasons doesn’t require huge effort — you can easily swap items like accent pillows, accessories, rugs and curtains. Want to add more light in your living space, for instance? Simply, change up your window treatments. “Spring means the days are getting longer so let more natural light into your spaces,” said Moiseoff. “Replace dark, heavy curtains with light, thin linen or cotton curtains. If you’re not worried about privacy just remove the curtains all together and leave the windows bare.”

While changing up the fabrics, take time to put away those heavy knit blankets and flannel sheets from winter and opt for lighter options such as linen and cotton. You’ll enjoy the new spring vibe at bedtime.

Adding a new rug is also an easy, inexpensive way to anchor your room with a completely different style, said Merhi. “My best tip is to opt for thinner area rugs with neutral colors,” she said. “The thinner rug helps to keep your room a little cooler in the warmer months, and the neutral colors are easy to layer or add to any room’s current style.”

While you’re mixing things up, switch out those accessories: pillows, art, throws, etc. “Decorating the bedroom with indoor plants is especially beneficial for heightened sleep quality, as they are proven to improve air purity and help reduce stress levels,” suggested Petrie.

Redesign is another way to refresh your space.  “Redesign is basically taking what you have and reworking it, can give a whole new life to a space,” explained Chasworth.  “As a designer, I have done this many times. Often there is hidden beauty in people’s homes I bring it out and they have a whole new look and feel for the space.” 

So go ahead and rearrange your furniture so your room feels new and fresh. While switching the couch with the chairs, take the opportunity to do a deep clean and get rid of the winter’s dust — then you’ll really be ready for the spring and summer season.

calm, white bedroom

Photo credit: Thomas Sanderson

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Featured Image: FLOR


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