Home Decor Trends of 2022 - Get Comfy, Embrace Nostalgia and Add Bursts of Color

Expect to see home décor to veer towards comfortable spaces that emphasize neutral colors with splashes of bright colors — in upholstery, pillows, rugs and art.

“Home decor in 2022 is all about mixing and matching,” said Christy Biberich, founder and designer of Christy B Home. “Vibrant textiles paired with art deco patterns create a lively energy in any room … pillows are a fun and simple way to revamp the styles of a bedroom or living room.” Plus, you can curate your own collection by combining different fabrics, designs and bold colors to use on your bed or couch, adding a fresh look to any space. What else can you expect in 2022? Keep reading.

neutral colored entry way

A patterned floor gives this room a pop. Photo credit: FLOOR360.

Up the Home Office Ante

With so many people still working remote, upgrading home office décor is a big trend for 2022, according to Andra DelMonico, lead interior designer at Trendey. “For many people, the pandemic had them suddenly working from home with no opportunity for planning or preparation,” said DelMonico. “This left them scrambling to make do with what they had or could find. Then combine this with thousands of other people doing the same, quality office equipment and furniture became hard to find. Now, as time goes by, people are ready to financially invest in better furniture.” This could mean a desk with more workspace, furniture that helps increase storage or a chair with better ergonomics.

Nontraditional office lighting is popular for home offices — LED strip lights accentuating the desk or shelving is a fun trend. Or go the luxe direction and install a vintage-inspired chandelier from the ceiling and add a few wall sconces. “Typically, these decorative lights are accent or ambient light in addition to task lighting,” said DelMonico. 

bold bathroom

Small rooms benefit from bold colors. Photo FLOOR360

Decorating with Neutral Colors

Neutral colors make home a sanctuary for relaxing, said Farah Merhi, style expert and owner of Inspire Me Home Décor, which is why this is a trend for 2022. Everyone who stayed homebound these past two pandemic years yearns for peace within their house. Merhi suggests using shades of white, cream, sand and gray as foundation colors for the walls and large furniture pieces, and then adding in small pops of color with rugs, artwork, etc. “You can also stay neutral and go beyond beiges and tans, including sage green or blush pink as a neutral with some color,” she said.

Bold colors will appear on upholstery and accessory pieces ito provide contrast to all those neutrals — and are easier to switch than re-painting a room. “In terms of color families, green and blue shades other than emerald and navy will continue to increase in popularity,” said Oshri Adri and Jillian Dahlman of Adri + Dahlman Interiors. These hues also include soft blues, teal and peacock green.

You’ll also see small bathrooms using darker tones, such as navy blue, deep forest green and rosemary. “It’s a brave design choice that works well in a small space that won’t overwhelm the whole home,” said Courtney Wollersheim, an interior designer for FLOOR360.

neutral colored living room with art and acessories

It's all about the art and accessories. Photo credit: Adri + Dahlman Interiors

Play With Textures Using Pillows, Throws and More

Like upholstery and accessory pieces, accents items like pillows and throws inserts a bit of color amid all those neutrals tones that are popular this year. Plus, these pieces allow you to play with textures, either creating a novel look or keeping consistent within a theme. Drape a fluffy blanket over overstuffed couch, for instance, to perpetuate that soft, cozy feel. Or pile on the pillows on a stiff piece of furniture to make it more inviting.

“As more people look to create cozy and comforting spaces in their homes, the technique of layering is finally getting the spotlight,” said Del Monico. “This practice was once a carefully crafted art and well-kept interior design secret. Now, everyone is looking for complementary textures to create depth and visual interest in a room. This is done by hanging textured art on the walls like macrame, adding tactile fabrics in the form of throw pillows and blankets, and spreading a rug on the floor.” 

For those who want a more luxurious home design, you can achieve this by layering textured fabrics. Linen, silk, fur, leather and velvet are all elegant materials that you can use, offered Del Monico. You can also apply textures with wall treatments. For example, there is a wallpaper that looks and feels like leather. Or you could use 3D panels to create texture.

White oak wood remains popular in 2022, especially in custom cabinetry and furniture with design features such as fluting and reeding, added Adri and Dahlman. 

Hardwood flooring in white oak has also become one of the most admired options to “bring in texture and brighten your home,” said Wollersheim. “This trend creates a more organic look and feel. You are also seeing bold colors, shapes and patterned tiles in laundry rooms, powder rooms and backsplashes.”

pillows and bold material

Add some color. Photo credit: Adri + Dahlman Interiors

Let There Be Light

Adding more lighting into your home is another trend for this year, and it makes the space warm and inviting — adhering to the theme of creating a haven within your house. Try placing more table or floor lamps around accent pieces to brighten up your look. Merhi likes to have at least three sources of light in a room. “This practice allows you to ‘layer’ your lighting in different ways,” she said. “First, your focal point could be a chandelier or ceiling lights to give the whole room light. Next, layer your table lamps or a floor lamp in opposing areas. This will give your space the best lighting possible while also letting you dim or brighten the room depending on the time of day or your mood.”

Candles can perk up a room as well. “Candles can add pops of colors, a seasonal splash or bring a peaceful ambiance to your space,” said Merhi. “There's nothing better than a candle's flicker on a cold, winter night! Not to mention, candles allow you to include another one of our senses, our sense of smell, into the equation when decorating.” 

geometric tiles

Geometric tiles invite you into a space. Photo credit: FLOOR360

Updated Nostalgia

Everything can become new again, right? You’ll see the past reinvented this year, even macramé — that’s right, the 70s method of weaving cord into wall hangings and potholders is back. “It will also make its appearance as a shower curtain, on a lampshade, decorating a glass vase, adding design to a footstool, or acting as a privacy filter on an apartment balcony,” said Del Monico. “It’s mostly seen in bohemian design. However, it adds an eclectic or artsy touch to farmhouse and rustic decor. It also sometimes makes an appearance in grand millennial decor.” 

What else is getting a makeover? Look for more polished versions of loungers. Recliners get a bad rap sometimes as that piece of dilapidated furniture that only dad can love. Well, 2022 brings along a version that is not your father’s steadfast sitting spot. They “are now created with a sleek, modern design that could even be considered ‘transitional glam,’” said Merhi.

Wallcovering embraces beautiful things and throwbacks, too: florals and other designs that bring a bit of nature inside the home will decorate spaces, said Marco Bizzley, certified interior designer at HouseGrail. You'll also see looks from the '70s “coming back into style with bright colors and fun designs in accessories and wallpapers.” You’ll see murals as well, he said. These allow “homeowners to add a bit of their personality into the room.” he said.

You can also expect bold couches balanced with a hint of modern, but everything is designed for comfort. With the past few years we’ve all had, everyone deserves plush furniture and stylish rooms that convey style and luxury without feeling stiff and confining.

Looking for fabrics and wallcoverings to implement these trends. See our articles on Schumacher and Kravet.

living room overview

A polished and comfortable living room. Photo credit: Adri + Dahlman Interiors

Featured photo credit: Alterra Design Homes


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