The Perfect Porch

Watch summer unfold from the view of your porch. Relax as you listen to the wind brush through the trees and the soft splash of sprinklers. But first, create a space that pairs comfort with luxurious style. Whether you’re revamping a porch, veranda or gazebo let your passion and personality inform your redecorating.

Start With the Basics:

Make sure you measure any space before designing. Consider furniture proportions, size, and scale. Don’t place pieces all on the same plane. Keep tweaking until the balance is achieved. For instance, you can add a plant that changes the scale and horizon line.

Schumacher Paradise Print – Pool acrylic fabric

This colorful Schumacher fabric is aptly named Super Paradise Print – Pool.

 Perla Lichi, CEO of Perla Lichi Interior Design in Pompano Beach, FL, suggests using artificial plants, which are easy to take off (such as topiaries) as focal points. “Some [people] do not have a lot of time to water the plants so this helps.” Most importantly, according to Lichi, ensure that your decorating also offers the best view of your environment.

Little Things Have Big Impact:

Create a cozy porch with sumptuous cushions and pillows. These Lime Time fabrics from Chivasso will bring liveliness to your surroundings. Pierre Frey Mani Fabric pattern will, too.

Chivasso Lime Time fabrics for summer pillows and furniture

Feature Image: Chivasso Lime Time fabrics show the freshness of summer in cushions and pillows.

Choose durable materials appropriate for outdoor that will withstand dirt, wind, and mildew. These Schumacher Garter Stripe indoor/outdoor pillows and Schumacher Super Paradise Print-Pool patterns are good picks.

Schumacher Paradise Print – Pool acrylic fabric

Schumacher Garter Stripe indoor/outdoor fabric made with natural linen resists mildew and fading. 


Pierre Frey Mani Fabric patterns decorate a cruise ship.

The Kundanil Explorer is a former oil tanker that decorator Alix Thomsen transformed into a cruise ship using various materials including the geometric patterns of Pierre Frey.



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