Schumacher Fabric - 68450-Corallina - Rouge


Schumacher Fabric - 62996-Beacon Cotton Stripe - Maize/Pear/Coral


Schumacher Fabric - 62870-Nassau Sheer - Coconut


Schumacher Fabric - 54803-Revolution - Sandstone


Schumacher Fabric - 55384-Effervescence - Espresso


Schumacher Fabric - 55381-Effervescence - Citrine


Schumacher Fabric - 55323-Syncopated Velvet Stripe - Chamois / Mink


Schumacher Fabric - 55322-Syncopated Velvet Stripe - Bronze / Wine


Schumacher Fabric - 62253-Nexus Embroidery - Persimmon


Schumacher Fabric - 62452-New River Weave - Cafe'


Schumacher Fabric - 62442-Locust Leaves - Bark


Schumacher Fabric - 62424-Valley Twill - Maize


Schumacher Fabric - 62393-Canyon Weave - Charcoal


Schumacher Fabric - 62553-Dotted Silk Weave - Mocha


Schumacher Fabric - 62550-Dotted Silk Weave - Cinnamon


Schumacher Fabric - 173952-Abaza Resist - Indigo


Schumacher Fabric - 1307001-Apsley Vine - Chambray


Schumacher Fabric - 1273002-Sandringham - Robin'S Egg


Schumacher Fabric - 172740-Chalfont - Fawn


Schumacher Fabric - 174531-Eastbury Manor Print - Moonstone


Schumacher Fabric - 174522-Avebury Floral Vine - Aubusson


Schumacher Fabric - 3438001-Indira Embroidery - Spice


Schumacher Fabric - 335-5679-Brisa Distressed - Iron


Schumacher Fabric - 303-2645-Brisa - Federal


Schumacher Fabric - 25860-D'Orsay Ottoman - Tomato


Schumacher Fabric - 2611530-Wool & Mohair Stripe - Cream


Schumacher Fabric - 52372-Ava Silk Stripe - Cornflower


Schumacher Fabric - 52370-Ava Silk Stripe - Mocha


Schumacher Fabric - 54645-Umberto - Terra


Schumacher Fabric - 73950-Cordwain Velvet - Sapphire


Schumacher Fabric - 73952-Cordwain Velvet - Red


Schumacher Fabric - 62440-Locust Leaves - Fern


Schumacher Fabric - 3363021-Dorset Linen - Almond


Schumacher Fabric - 2644520-Kyousha Silk - Lacquer


Schumacher Fabric - 2643692-Nassau Brushed Cotton - Sand


Schumacher Fabric - 176483-Montecito Medallion - Faded Red


Schumacher Fabric - 74213-Beverly Stripe - Neutral


Schumacher Fabric - 3486000-Summerside Stripe - Aqua


Schumacher Fabric - 70527-Zipster - Grey


Schumacher Fabric - 174491-Chain Link - Chartreuse


Schumacher Fabric - 62710-Bryce Diamond - Ecru


Schumacher Fabric - 65620-Soho Weave - Raspberry


Schumacher Fabric - 66701-Cameron Wool Paisley - Bluestone


Schumacher Fabric - 66742-Dillon Velvet Houndstooth - Antelope


Schumacher Fabric - 25868-D'Orsay Ottoman - Biscuit


Schumacher Fabric - 176503-Santa Monica Ikat - Faded Red


Schumacher Fabric - 68460-Zorio Velvet - Ebony


Schumacher Fabric - 68332-Andrea Velvet Strie - Greige


Historical and unprecedented describes Schumacher's place in the world of home décor. A company that helped decorate the White House, the Chambers of the United States Supreme Court, The Metropolitan Opera and numerous acclaimed residential homes including the Hearst Private Residences.  Schumacher has collaborated with some of the most respected and well-known designers of the 20th century. Their names read like a Mount Rushmore of décor; Paul Poiret, Dorothy Draper, Cecil Beaton and Frank Lloyd Wright. Today, the tradition of working with only the best continues, with names like Alessandra Branca, Trina Turk and Timothy Corrigan. Schumacher’s decorative fabric, wallcovering, trimming, and furnishing strike that balance between classic elegance and modern sophistication.

Schumacher fabrics are available in an array of textiles, patterns, and prints. The Queen of Spain line is just as bold today, as it was when it was first released in 1963; a repeated leaf pattern on 100% cotton, a striking look available in five bold hues. Eye-catching animal prints created by a heady mix of texture and color and woven fabrics with glittering metallic finishes any room with reckless abandon. These fabric lines, as well as countless others, is the reason Schumacher will continue to be the fabric of choice for countless generations.

Since 1889, Schumacher continues to create a collection of luxury home designs that set the standard all others follow. Schumacher is still privately owned and operated by the same family. Today, the Schumacher standard of high-end quality is found in countless trade showrooms across the Americas, in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

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