Take a Trip Around the World With Scalamandré

Wanderlust will beckon nearly 85 percent of American adults to travel this summer, according to The Vacationer, that's some 219 million people ready to explore new horizons. Scalamandré also encourages the delight of new places this season with several collections that feature an international flavor.


The Finnish brand, Marimekko, emphasizes Scandinavian design and embraces a creative feel conveyed by its fun prints (including florals, abstracts and novelty designs) and bright colors. While whimsical, its wallcoverings remain timeless and can add vibrancy to your home for many seasons. Some of the highlights include:

Unikko from Scalamandre

Unikko uses an oversized flowered motif to bring color to your room (available in sand, tangerine, oyster and sky)

Primavera from Scalamandre

Primavera, designed by Maija Isola, celebrates the energy and warmth of summer. Its vibrancy is captured in three hues: chrysanthemum, cornflower and marigold.

Puketti from Scalamandre

Puketti. This popular pattern includes two of Marimekko's traditional designs, the flower and the sphere. Together the images evoke a certain sense of capriciousness that we all feel during the warmer months. Available in stone, meadow and sky.

Kurjenpolvi by Scalamandre

Kurjenpolvi. This romantic wallcovering engages all that love the gardens of summer, with its overblown blossoms. Available in dusty rose, oyster, indigo and stone.

Rosarium by Scalamandre

Rosaruim acknowledges the approach of autumn even as the blooms of a summer rose garden still invite you outside. Designer Aino-Maija Metsola even uses it in her own decor (in apricot and oyster multi).


Come visit Tudor English gardens with embroidered, printed and jacquard fabrics that make a statement with its hand needlework and opulent stitching. The collection includes:

Elizabethan Embroidery by Scalamandre 

Elizabethan Embroidery, inspired by the era, these ornate fabrics feature matte yarns and hand-stitched French knots. Two colorways.

Gardyne drapes and sofa

Gardyne Drapery and Sofa Upholstery. This screen printed design in three colorways of the floral and fruit found in Tudor gardens offers a hand blocked feel.

Gardyne Lismore drapes by Scalamandre

Lismore Linen is available in 24 colorways for drapes and furniture.

Gardyne Knot Garden by Scalamandre

Knot Garden offers those looking for a more modern take of a summertime design using hand blocking and highlighted with a French knot in each leaf's center. Three colors available.


Named for the 15th century Japanese technique of bonding ceramic pieces with a lacquer made from gold, silver or platinum that creates a distinctive seaming, the Kintsugi collection applauds the beauty of imperfection. These vinyl wallcoverings feature bright blue and red palettes with illuminating glints of gold. Kintsugi includes:

Kintsugi Pot by Scalamandre

Kintsugi Pot seeks to showcase the art of kintsugi with pots etched in their golden repairs. Seven colorways available.

Unito Kintsugi by Scalamandre

Unito Kintsugi carefully swirls metallic lines onto neutral backgrounds for a clean and contemporary look. Available in platinum, gilded gray, pearl and gold.

Origami by Scalamandre

Origami offers a panoramic wallcovering with broken lines that emphasize the beauty of flaws in six neutral colors.

Mountain Mural by Scalamandre

Mountain Mural. Create a lasting landscape in your space with this wallcovering that resembles a watercolor painting of a distant misty mountain.

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Featured Kintsugi photo and all other images from Scalamandré. 


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