Glamping Best Practices: How to Make Your Camping Experience More Decor Inspired

Glamping is a blend of the words “glamorous” and “camping.” While the word was first used in the United Kingdom around 2006, the concept isn’t new. The luxury version of tent camping dates back as early as 1520 when England’s King Henry VIII and France’s Francis I held a summit nicknamed the Field of the Cloth of Gold since both royals sought to ostentatiously showcase their wealth with lavish fabrics like silk and gold thread for accommodations and clothes.

Modern-day glamping seeks to create comfort rather than envy. Here are tips you can use to elevate your camping experience.Campfire
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Let there be light

Inky darkness doesn’t need to envelop your campsite when the sun goes down. Instead, use a string of fairy lights, candles or a lantern to create a warm and welcoming ambiance, which also provides lighting for cooking and other activities. “One of the best ways to achieve a homey atmosphere is through the use of lighting,” says Raf Michalowski, an interior designer, and the founder of Meble Furniture. “The right combination of artificial and natural light can help create a cozy atmosphere for your camping experience.”

A fire pit is also essential — and lucky for you most campsites include one. Bring along everything you need for s’mores, banana boats and other items you can roast over flames.hammock
Photo: Max Andrey/Pexels

Practical furniture that looks — and feels — good

A comfortable campsite aims to create a living space similar to your family room: a place the group can gather for meals, conversation and fun. Items like chairs, benches, loungers and hammocks are perfect for this area since they provide comfortable seating options that are lightweight, easy to move around and store.

You can opt for foldable or inflatable versions. “They offer a relaxing and cozy seating option that can be used for activities like reading, napping or simply lounging around,” says Nicole Magsino, a writer and editor from Pouchcouch. “The hammock can also be set up in creative ways, such as between two walls or in a corner, to create a cozy and private seating area.”Outdoor food and dishware Photo: Klean Kanteen/Rise Drinkware Collection

Find ways to include accents

“Little touches can make a big impact,” suggests Kropovinsky. For example, you can add some plants or flowers to bring a touch of nature inside the tent or cabin. “Bring along some decorative accents, like candles or small sculptures, to add personality and style to the space,” he offers.

You can design your campsite with an overall motif — say, rustic, bohemian, nautical or vintage. Then populate the space with items that embrace that theme. For instance, use blankets with little anchors or a hammock that seems sail-like. Fabric and Home offers custom design services. You can easily take any fabric and create tablecloths, bedding, pillows, etc. in any motif you want.

Signs, flags, photographs and other items can play with the design as well.outdoor rug and seatingRug: Outdoor Safari from

Rug it right

A rug adds color and texture to your outdoor room, creates a common space and provides a service — less dirt will come into your tent. “Adding an outdoor rug to a campsite is the perfect piece to enhance your space and make it feel more like home,” says Mary St. John from It can also “bring a sense of warmth and coziness to your outdoor space.” Plus, it is easy to clean: just give it a good shake before storing. If necessary, you can also rinse the rug and then sun dry

Fabric and Home Custom Pillows and Tablecloth

Good bedding … and a few pillows … are essential

Nothing sets the tone for a vacation like a good night’s sleep whether you are slumbering outdoors or inside an exclusive hotel. Be sure to choose a cozy, comfortable sleeping bag, an air mattress, a self-inflating sleeping mat or all of the above for optimal Zzz’s. “Consider adding some soft blankets or decorative pillows to make the sleeping area feel more inviting,” Kropovinsky,

When you camp, creature comforts can come along. Make sure you bring things that you find enjoyable and relaxing like your portable coffee machine, upscale plates or drinking glasses, a speaker or some of your well-loved board games. Anything that makes you happy has its place.

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