Make your Backyard Spectacular; Our How-to Guide to Get it Done for Summer

Your backyard during the summer is a personal oasis for relaxation, family-time and fun.  Fabrics and Home's design team searched for 2023's best outdoor design look and we found it with Perennials Villa Del Sol Collection. We loved this collection so much, we dedicated this entire post to talk to you about it. Purchase any of the Perennials products, custom-made in various colors, and also enjoy Sutherland Furniture in your own home. Make your outdoor space a special spot for comfy elegance this summer. 

Spruce Up Your Space with Perennials Fabrics and Some New Chaise Lounges

Sutherland Furniture chaise lounge

There is nothing like basking in the rays on a summer day, especially on this well-made, stylish furniture. The Cat’s Cradle Armless Chaise Lounge from Sutherland Furniture creates a wonderful place for sunbathing. Available in natural or weathered finish, its exterior cushions feature flow-through foam with Dacron.

Imagine how nice the accent pillow (featuring Perennials fabric in Breezy Mouse) will feel supporting the small of your back as you sprawl on the lounge. Outdoor pillows available through Fabrics and Home's custom design. Contact our design team for price and stock; use the comment section in our form to enter your product details.

Outdoor Eating Is Easy and Refined With Stain-free Fabric Tablecloths and Napkins

stain-free tablecloths and napkins

Everything tastes better outdoors in the fresh air. Make your dining experience elegant with Perennial fabrics - the tablecloth shows Palmetto, which comes in five colors (Ginger pictured) and the napkins are in Sheen Queen, which comes in 12 colors (Shell pictured).

Tablecloths and napkins available through Fabrics and Home's custom design.

Pillows, Pillows and More Pillows

Pillows are the easiest way to update a look. You can store them in plastic containers and bring them out as the seasons, holidays or, even, your mood changes. Scatter them around your patio, dock, fire pit, etc. for additional seating.

Perennials pattern Ishy offers medium-weight fabrics in more than 40 colors such as Bluestone, Morning and Sunstruck vibrant hues for the great outdoors. These linen-like textured fabrics withstand stains, even spilled ice cream! These are perfect for the outside, especially in custom pillows or even in rugs.

Let's Not Forget the Umbrella 

Umbrellas are important during the summer, creating a barrier between you, the weather and the beaming sun. Sutherland offers several umbrella varieties

... and the Hammock

Summertime relaxing calls for a calming, easy-living hammock. Imagine yourself sprawled on this comfy space, taking in a bit of sun as you softly rock in the breeze.

Change Up the Cushions and Go Trendy (But Save the Old Ones)

Outdoor table and chairs with Breezy seedling

It is so simple to do a complete facelift of your outdoor space by simply changing chair cushions. Like pillows, cushions can be stored and used again when the mood hits you ... plus fashion is cyclical, everything comes back, eventually.

Let nature influence your designs: with Perennials Breezy fabric this pretty leaf pattern is scattered across your cushion, which is reversible, easy-to-clean and available in four colors.

Bring in Exquisite Décor Outdoors With Sculptural Furniture and Teak Woods

Summer is the perfect time to entertain. Simply invite a few people into the backyard for the afternoon. With a few drinks and nibbles, and some good conversation you can create lovely weekend celebrations ... especially with pleasant plush furnishings.Dining table and chairs with Tres Chic

These dining table and chairs from the Plateau Collection are constructed by hand from first-grade teak wood and will weather season after season. The exposed tenons and finger joints make it more art than furniture, but still comfortable enough that you can spend a pleasant afternoon entertaining. Seat covers feature easy-to-clean fabric from Perennials, Tres Chic in Capri

If you want to find out how to purchase Plateau outdoor dining table and dining side chairs, contact our design team for stock, price and purchasing; use our form’s comment section to enter your products you are interested in. 

If New Outdoor Furniture Is on Your To Do List This Summer, Sutherland Furniture Is Just Extraordinary

Sutherland furniture

The allure of the great outdoors is just spectacular. Sutherland Outdoor furniture makes the outside look as good as your inside with stylish, comfortable living. Browse the entire catalog and then contact our design team for stock, price and purchasing; use the comment section in our form to enter your product details. 

So You Made a Mess ... No Worries, Here's How to Clean Up

"If you've made a mess on Perennials, you have nothing to worry about.  From barbecue sauce to wine, our 100% solution dyed acrylic can handle the most usual suspects," according to Perennials. And it's true. Summer entertaining often means spills. It happens to the best of us. Perennials offers a special care and cleaning guide that makes those moments easy.

Interested in learning more about fabric created for outside living? Check out our article on the difference between indoor/outdoor fabrics.


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