Fabrics and Home Gives Donation to The Youth Mental Health Project

Lorie Thur Katz and Jeffrey Katz of Fabrics & Home presented a donation to Reginald D. Williams II (Reggie), co-chair of the Youth Mental Health Project Board of Directors, on March 30, 2023 after a successful year partnership.

Fabrics & Home was honored to support the organization's movie night in October. The organization screened "No Letting Go," which tells the true story of one family's struggle with mental illness. Afterward the audience joined the screenwriter, Randi Silverman, and Emmy-nominated actress, Cheryl Allison, to discuss the movie. 

Lorie and Jeff Katz of Fabrics & Home and Reggie Williams of YMHP

Lorie Thur Katz, the owner of of F&H, has worked with children with disabilities for 13 years and wants to widen her impact with annual donations to the organizations that support the 13 disabilities that effect school-aged children and their families.  Fabrics and Home created F & H Cares in 2019 to support children with disabilities by donating 25 cents per yard for each yard of fabric sold from the products purchased on its website. Each year, Fabrics and Home randomly chooses one of 13 disabilities from the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

This year we were glad to be able to support the Youth Mental Health Project for all their hard work they do for children and families.

Lorie and Jeff Katz of Fabrics & Home and Reggie Williams of YMHP

Read more about F&H Cares.

About The Youth Mental Health Project

YMHP, established in 2016, is a nonprofit with a mission to educate and help people understand the importance of youth mental health. The organization hosts regular events, including a yearly Children's Mental Health Awareness Week and sponsors a Parent Support Network Meetings. These in-person and virtual monthly sessions are free and confidential, and open to parents and guardians with kids (ages 1 to 25) who struggle with any behavioral, emotional or mental health problem. The network has already helped more than 800 parents in 44 states. Read more about YMHP and the mental help support services they offer.



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