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Townsend Leather

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Townsend Leather knows that producing the best leather possible is not just a job, it is a passion. Leather, more than any other fabric, needs expert craftsman and artisans to create, shape, form and produce a product that is subtle, soft, rich and varied. Through decades of experience, Townsend Leather has developed a line of cowhide, sheep and suede in a wide array of colors and styles, including genuine woven, embroidered and specialty leathers. This varied collection can be found in all manner of decorative use, from residential, corporate, aviation, recreation to hospitality. Townsend Leather combines design, beauty and performance.

It begins with the highest quality raw materials. Townsend Leather uses only the finest hides and skins from tanneries from all over the globe. The process continues with sumptuous an line-dyes, as well as the use of one of the largest collections of embossing patterns in the United States. All of this is done with the keenest eye towards hand-craftsmanship which includes hand rubs and hand-tipping that brings out the true natural beauty of the leather. Townsend Leather recently joined forces with noted designer Stacy Garcia to launch a line of leathers that capture Garcias expert eye for color and texture.

For 40 years, Townsend Leather has made the creation of fine leather their lifes mission. Founded by the Kurcel family in 1969, Townsend Leather operates out of a high-tech facility outside of Albany in beautiful upstate New York. Today, Townsend Leather is a global force in high-end leather production with reps all across the world.

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