RM COCO Fabrics

RM COCO Fabrics

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Great style does not just happen, it needs work. RM COCO understands that inspiration and vision go hand in hand with trend analyzing, and market research to create a line that is truly innovative. The belief is that knowing what people want is an all-encompassing endeavor, which constantly drives every member of the RM COCO team. The result is a line of fabrics that are recognized around the world for their high quality and exquisite taste.


The RM COCO line is made up of three exclusive collections. COCO Colors, COCO Allure, and COCO Classics. Each line is tailor-made for your specific design needs. COCO Classics is comprised of eye-catching patterns that favor the budget-conscious.


From their headquarters in Missouri, the RM COCO management team has been able to travel the world to select the finest materials to create an exclusive fabric line. Their company motto Fabric and Furnishings for living, Style for life perfectly captures the appeal of this unique company.

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