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For nearly 40 years, JF Fabric has been able to create a line of fabrics that captures the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary tastes. The ability to keep a finger on the pulse of design has propelled JF Fabrics as a top designer. What sets JF Fabric apart is their commitment to keeping their collection fresh and innovative. JF Fabric delivers new lines throughout the year, never resting on past laurels. JF Fabric offers tassels, tapes, trims, drapery hardware, wallpaper and area rugs. Their JF Fabrics app, available on an iPad, iPhone, and Android device, is the perfect way to view their collections or find the nearest showroom. In addition, JF Fabrics Always in Stock policy, as well as same-day shipping, ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction.


JF Fabric has a look, color, or pattern that will meet any personal design need. Their newest collection, Meredith Heron Color Concepts Collection with Crypton Home, highlights Herons love affair with color and pattern. Created with high-performance Crypton technologies, the Heron line is luxurious, stylish, and worry-free. This fabric allows the discerning homeowner in a world of pets and kids to create a designer home that can stand the test of real life. Bold stripes, exquisite florals, and striking geometrics are found side by side with solids and eye-catching prints. Other lines such as Windmere, celebrate the unique tangerine tango hue. A fun take on the color orange, Windmere continues to walk this warm palette line with a new lean towards coral. Color Concepts, Garden Party, Studio J and a host of other lines offer a vast array of styles for every design job.


Privately owned and operated since 1977, JF Fabric, a subsidiary of Joanne Fabric, has garnered a reputation as one of the top distributors of high-quality decorative fabrics. The company has become one of the biggest fabric distributors in all of Canada. Based in the fashionable city of Toronto, JF Fabrics are sought after by the homeowner, decorator, upholsterer markets, as well as large department stores, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and the recreational vehicle manufacturer markets. Their client list is over 15,000 all across North America.


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