Anna French Fabrics

Anna French Fabrics

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Anna French is not just the name of the company, Anna French is also the driving force behind an ideal that embraces being bold and original. Innovation means something is constantly evolving, never stuck in one style or mode. Anna French believes this to be the key to memorable design. Whether it is the use of color or the flair for the dramatic, Anna is fearless when it comes to creating looks that inspire.

Trends are followed; trend setters like Anna French lead. Her collections are always fresh and new and come in a wide range of fabrics. Her old world laces and distinct linens have been updated to suit modern tastes. Other selections such as laces, madras, silks, prints, velvets and handmade embroideries are all setting the trends, not following them. Part of what makes Anna French so unique is that all inventory items are exclusive. Stock is maintained in two continents, so inventory can be efficiently shipped anywhere in the world.

The 1960s was a time of massive change. It was an era when we challenged the conventional wisdom of the day. It was also when Anna began producing vibrant and innovative designs while in art school. Today, that thirst for innovation can be seen in her big and brilliant fabric and wallpaper collections. In 2007, Anna French joined the Thibault family of companies.

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