Threads realized a long time ago that offering fabrics that exude a certain elegant glamour and hip sophistication means nothing if the craftsmanship is unable to back it up.  Threads blend and marry innovative style with an eye on quality, setting them apart in the world of décor.  Detailed weaves run the gamut from slivery sheers, and earthy linens, to opulent silks and luxurious chenille.

Threads Fabrics embodies diversity in their brand. This exciting collection of stylish embroideries and modern woven is created using striking geometric, sensuous curves stitched onto heavy cotton, linen or jute, adding a dash of flash by including captivating metallic yarns. Or go for sumptuous silks that include modern ikat with iridescent squares. The possibilities challenge, and inspire. The Fascination Linens and Embroideries collection is all about the color, or rather colors. This innovative line embraces a rich-hued palette while still maintaining the Threads commitment to elegance and sophisticated designs.  The entire Fascination collection is glamour with an air of luxury. It is a startling collection of unique weaves, gorgeous velvets, and soothing chenille marked by innovative designs. Prints are available under the Meander line.  Available in earth tones that capture the beauty and harmony of nature, giving Meander its signature style. Rich linen weaves that create a pleasuring texture that is both supple and sophisticated. All these lines are produced in the time honored high-quality craftsmanship that echoes across all the Threads collections.

Threads is part of the Kravet family of design and home furnishings. Kravet, established in 1918 is a fourth generation family business that is the recognized leader in home décor.

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