For over 75 years, the Robert Allen Group has been marked by a commitment of excellence.  Innovation is not just a word to them; it is a belief that infuses every aspect of their company. Always innovative, Robert Allen is constantly challenged by the ever-changing world around them in order to keep their designs inventive, stylish, bold, and original. Each of their distinct brands takes the lead in the marketplace. Whether it is through Robert Allen, Robert Allen Contract, Robert Allen Home, Ametex, or Beacon Hill; diverse branding assures that any project will achieve a preferred vision. To stay ahead of the trend, Robert Allen sets the trend and has achieved this for decades. The Robert Allen Design Group is known for being the first fabric company to organize design books by color, which is known today as Robert Allen Color Library. Today, most fabric companies follow this smart marketing tool.


Robert Allen is at the vanguard of fabric choices. Their broad and complete library runs the gamut of options. Every color, pattern, texture, and durability can be found within the pages of their books and establishes uniqueness for each custom project. Styles and designs can be coordinated to create looks that remain timeless.  In addition, the work of noted designers such as DwellStudio, Larry Lasio, Kirk Nix, and Sunbrella can also be found within their collections.  Robert Allen leads the way of using eco-friendly fabrics, dyes, and finishing.  Green is not just a color; it is another way to lead by example. The old adage – “It’s not where you start it’s where you end” is perfect when thinking about Robert Allen trim.  Robert Allen understands how important trim can be and offers a line of choices. Trim color, collection, and brand can be aligned to fit the total design i.e., brush fringe, chair tie, braid, or button can be customized so that every detail looks and feels perfect. Upholstery is the workhorse of the fabric world. But at the same time, it needs to have the same panache, beauty, and style of a show horse.  It needs to be both durable, yet supple to the touch, luxurious, yet functional.  The Robert Allen Group offers these hard-working fabrics in a variety of colors, styles, and textures.  Whether a project needs the versatility of cotton, or the elegance of linen, or maybe the luxury of chenille, Robert Allen has a stable of choices that can work in both indoor and outdoor designs.


In 1938, Benjamin and Esther Weissman founded this company in Boston and named their company after their two sons, Robert and Allen. A global network of exclusive showrooms, along with continued unmatched customer service are the reasons Robert Allen remains internationally trusted and well-respected visionaries. In 2017, Robert Allen joined together with the Duralee Group and are now both divisions of The Robert Allen Duralee Group (or The RADGroup). Lee Silberman, former Executive Vice President of Duralee, has been named CEO of The Robert Allen Duralee Group.

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