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Collaborate with our design team and create extraordinary interiors with Nina Campbell Fabrics…60 plus years of combined experience designing exquisite interiors with the finest fabrics and wallcoverings. Custom window treatments, bedding & pillows made to order.

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Luxury, it means a standard of excellence has been achieved that few others can match. This personifies Nina Campbell’s line of Luxury Wallpaper. Her designs are singular works of beauty that convey a sense of breathtaking panache and a sense of wit. Her style is hard to define with one adjective; it can be boldly innovative yet winsomely traditional.


Nina Campbell has endowed her collection with a vast array of hues and patterns that allow her latest collections to be used with her older lines; it is a design ethos that is an important aspect of Nina Campbell’s wallpaper brand. Her latest collection, Fontibre, gains its inspiration from her great uncle, the famed water colorist Stratford Hely Hutchinson. Available on a non-woven and an easy to hang base, Fontibre is a soothing and eye-catching collection of wallpapers that transport you to your own private art gallery. 


Over 40 years ago, Nina Campbell began as a small but well regarded interior design firm. Operating out of a shop that sold home treasures collected from all over the world. Nina soon gained a reputation as a designer with impeccable taste and a keen eye for style. Today, Nina Campbell has grown to become one of the standard conveyers in the world of home furnishings. Her collections of fabrics, accessories and wallpapers are sought by designers all over the world.  They know they can always trust the Nina Campbell brand. In 2015, Nina Campbell marked her 25th year as a collaborator with the world-renowned English brand Osborne and Little.


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