Lelievre Fabric has built its reputation on a century-old standard of excellence. Today, with over 6000 items available, a wide array of fabrics compliments any residential or contract décor project. With a commitment to keeping stock available, Lelievre fabrics are always available if needed on a fast-track timeline. Each decade, new products and fabrics are produced, which include silks, English style prints, jacquards, and sheers.


For 100 years, Lelievre Fabric has fine-tuned its collection specializing in certain areas within the textile market. This specialization allowed Lelievre to commit to a high standard unmatched in the industry. Their velvet, plain striped, and patterns are produced with a century of craftsmanship experience. Silks are both hand-loomed and computer-controlled.  Sheers are available in a wide assortment of colors, designs, and compositions. In addition, many of their designs are offered in flame-retardant fabrics, many with Trevira CS.


In 1914, Henri Lelievre began his company producing velvet for the marketplace. Since then multiple generations of Lelievre Fabrics have guided the company into the 21st century. Recently the Scalamandre family added Lelievre fabrics as a represented brand to their already strong portfolio of textile designer brands. Historically, Scalamandré has been the company that is called upon by many of America's most extraordinary projects; The White House, the United States Capitol, United States Treasury, Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg, The Morgan Library, Wrightsman Galleries at Metropolitan Museum of Art, Isabelle Stewart Gardner Museum, Winterthur, the Mansions of Newport, Radio City Music Hall, and the Metropolitan Opera House. Scalamandré has nine showrooms in major metropolitan locations. In addition, Scalamandre’s products are distributed to Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States.

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