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The canvas provides a showcase; the window into the mind of the artist.   Le Gracieux has years of experience with the printing and dyeing technique that transforms natural hemp linen into exquisite designs. Hand harvested using time honored techniques, then hand printed and dyed, the linens of Le Gracieux are naturally beautiful with just the right hint of elegance.

Always famed for its durability, the hemp linen produced by Le Gracieux is now softer and suppler than ever before. What truly sets Le Gracieux’s linen apart is the vast color range available to their product as well as a keen eye for color matching. Intricate multi-hued designs or a bold stripe makes Le Gracieux’s use of an exciting palette. The artist transforms the canvas into a work of art, and with exquisite linens manufactured by Le Gracieux, the designer/artists work together to create them.

Growing up in New York City, Le Gracieux founder, Douglas Funkhouser knew at an early age that the world of visual arts and design was his calling.  He studied under noted Japanese acrylist Nori Yamato, followed by a stint at Lester Polokov’s Studio and Forum of State Design, in Greenwhich Village.  Over time, Funkhouser used his eye for paint, costume and set design, and applied them to residential interiors. From this melding of the scenic arts, painting, and design; Le Gracieux was born.


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