Kravet Fabrics - Zigzags - 81


Kravet Fabrics - Zaria - 619


Kravet Fabrics - Wrexham - 324


Kravet Fabrics - Delmas - 916


Kravet Fabrics - Dalea - 516


Kravet Fabrics - 4341 - 1611


Kravet Fabrics - 4066 - 1


Kravet Fabrics - 29560 - 811


Kravet Fabrics - 33127 - 1011


Kravet Fabrics - Garnock - 5


Kravet Fabrics - Bakli - Mint


Kravet Fabrics - 34311 - 523


Kravet Fabrics - Streetwise - Licorice


Kravet Fabrics - 22977 - 1116


Kravet Fabrics - 8044 - 5


Kravet Fabrics - Flirt - Turtle


Kravet Fabrics - 25320 - 3


Kravet Fabrics - Enlightenment - Miso


Kravet Fabrics - 31048 - 135


Kravet Fabrics - 22744 - 1016


Kravet Fabrics - King -


Kravet Fabrics - Zebrink - 616


Kravet Fabrics - Zebrink - 21


Kravet Fabrics - Zebrink - 1613


Kravet Fabrics - Zaria - 516


Kravet Fabrics - Zagora - 411


Kravet Fabrics - Zagora - 1521


Kravet Fabrics - Zebrink - 1611


Kravet Fabrics - Wollerton - Cornflower


Kravet Fabrics - Wollerton - Leaf


Kravet Fabrics - Wollerton - Sand


Kravet Fabrics - Wrexham - 415


Kravet Fabrics - Wollerton - Pewter


Kravet Fabrics - Winsford - Linen


Kravet Fabrics - Winsford - Mineral


Kravet Fabrics - Winsford - Leaf


Kravet Fabrics - Wollerton - Chambray


Kravet Fabrics - Whitecap - Dune


Kravet Fabrics - Whitecap - River


Kravet Fabrics - Wave - 50


Kravet Fabrics - Wave - 13


Kravet Fabrics - Whitecap - Slate


Kravet Fabrics - Waterpolo - Cloud


Kravet Fabrics - Waterpolo - Lagoon


Kravet Fabrics - Waterpolo - Stone


Kravet Fabrics - Waipio - 12


Kravet Fabrics - Waterpolo - River


Kravet Fabrics - Waimea - 15


Kravet Fabrics is a 5th generation family owed company that has a business presence in over 100 countries worldwide. Kravet continually evolves and expands inspiration from the haute couture fashion houses of the world. As a global leader, Kravet ‘s style has an innovative cutting edge design that exceeds all expectations. Kravet has several brands and each represent a specific market. These brands are easily accessible on their new website and are as follows; Fired Earth, G P & J Baker, Gaston Y Daniela, Groundworks, Kravet Basics, Kravet Contract, Kravet Couture, Kravet Design, Kravet Smart,  Lee Jofa, Monkwell, Mulberry, Parkertex, Seacloth and Threads. Kravet has many products which include; fabric, wall covering, trimming, carpet, decorative hardware, lighting, furniture and accessories, with styles ranging from traditional to contemporary design. In addition to the high-end brands that Kravet represents, Kravet also collaborates with over 50 designers. Each of the following designers brings a unique sense of style. Aerin, Alexa Hampton, Allegra Hicks, Andrew Martin, Ashley Hicks,  Barbara Barry,  Barclay Butera, Blithfield, Bunny Williams, Calvin Klein, Candice Olson, Charlotte Moss, David Easton Designs, David Hicks, David Hicks By Ashley Hicks, David Phoenix, Diamond & Baratta, Diane Von Furstenberg, Echo Design, Eric Cohler Design, Hunt Slonem, J Banks, Jagtar, James Huniford, Jan Showers Design, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Jonathan Adler, kate spade new York, Kelly Wearstler, Les Ensembliers, Lilly Pulitzer, Linherr Hollingsworth ,Lizzo, Mabley Handler, Mary Fisher ,Michael Berman, Michael Weiss, Museum Of New Mexico, Oscar De La Renta Parish-Hadley,Royal Oak Foundation , Sarah Richardson , Sue Firestone , Sunbrella ,Surrounding The Winterthur Estate, Suzanne Kasler Interiors, Suzanne Rheinstein ,Thom Filicia ,Thomas O'Brien, Waterworks, Windsor Smith and Winterthur.


Kravet Couture brings the world’s most luxurious fabrics and textures into upholstery and drapery. The expansive color pallet of premium velvets will bring a timeless elegance to any interior. The quality of the line is unmatched. Woven in the finest mills using, Kravet Couture’s Lifestyle Library offers up an explosion of new colors, which can be used in everything from jacquards to elaborate embroideries.  Kravet Couture will bring sophistication to any décor, a look of luxury and a life well lived. Kravet Design brings the finest fabrics to an exclusive collection that uses inspiring embroideries, stripes and solids. Bright colors and warming neutrals showcase the range of hues. Kravet Design is the complete resource in creating an unique style.

Kravet drapery fabrics is about raising our expectations with a sophistication, quality, and style not usually seen in window treatments. Their lines Faux Silk Textures, Essential Colors, Sheer Novelty and Panorama are both versatile and timeless; the perfect balance of style, texture and color. Kravet Soleil fabrics is an indoor/outdoor fabric made with UV protection to withstand anything mother nature throws our way.


Kravet Fabric is a story of innovation and global brand expansion that evolved through the successful leadership of key people in the Kravet Family. The inception of Kravet Fabric began in 1903 when its’ founder, Samuel Kravet, immigrated to the United States from Russia and settled in New York City. With his sewing machine and talent of tailoring, Samuel Kravet eventually opened a trimming store in 1918 with his four sons, Morris, Sam, Sol and Hy. In 1930, S. Kravet and Sons began to sell trimmings and fabrics exclusively to the interior design trade. This shift of selling directly to businesses instead of directly to the consumer is the business model that Kravet still follows today. As the profession of interior design grew in New York City, Kravet Fabric opened its first showroom in 1938.  In 1949, Kravet added a new leader to the Kravet empire; Samuel’s grandson, Larry Kravet . Under this new leadership, Kravet began acquiring new high-end fabric brands such as, Lee Jofa, Groundworks Fabrics, G.P. & J Baker , Monkwell Fabrics, Mullberry Home, and the most recent acquisition,  Brunswig & Fils Fabrics.  Each division of Kravet adds to the sophistication and unique style of their overall product line.

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