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More than half a century ago, Jim Thompson set out to revitalize the art of silk weaving. Today, they are the largest producer of hand-woven fabrics in the world.  Jim Thompson has the company-owned silk farms to transform raw products.The preparation of the fiber, yarn spinning, coloring, weaving, printing and final finishing, creates a line of exquisite silk.The final step is when the fabric is reborn into a stunning creation of the internal design group at Jim Thompson.

Jim Thompson line of fabrics bestow a look of luxury to any design project. Jim  Some of their collections capture the exotic feel of Far East ports with hints of jasmine wafting through the air. The Anatolia line pulls its inspiration from the craftsmanship of Central Asia, while Fez Outdoors offers Jim Thompson’s amazing fabrics anywhere within their residential space.

Born in America in 1906, Jim Thompson was Ivy League educated and an avid art collector.  Working as an architect in New York, Thompson always had an eye for style and beauty, which lead to him to the position of the director of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. During World War II, Thompson became an officer in the US Army. After World War II, Thompson settled in Thailand. Thompson was captivated by the sights and sounds of his adopted country and ingrained himself in the culture of the Thai people. He became enamored with Thai woven silk, which lead to him to form The Thai Silk Company in 1950.  Today, Jim Thompson’s Thai Silks are world renowned with a luxurious look and distinctive quality that is unmatched.


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