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Tradition, experience, and craftsmanship evoke a standard of excellence that few companies claim. For nearly 200 years, Holland & Sherry has brought their tradition of luxury and unparalleled craftsmanship to the world of home décor.  What started as a company selling fine fabrics to the apparel trade has grown into a collection of home furnishing line that includes; wallcoverings, leather, hardware, trims, custom rugs and embroidery. Holland & Sherry's commitment to quality means they never settle and continually search for the finest resources.

Holland & Sherry bring their long tradition of quality to their extensive list of fabrics. Collections can be found in cashmere, camel hair, wool, mohair, silk, cotton, linen, horsehair, suede, abaca and horsehair. Their embroideries are of the finest details and range in style from art deco to appliqué.  Leathers can be found in a stunning array of colors and textures, including distressed, embossed, hand painted and even metallic. All are made by craftsman in time-honored methods that demand excellence and pride in their creation.

In 1836, Stephen Holland and Frederick Sherry started out in London selling wool to the finest tailors and apparel shops. .Known for their exceptional level of quality wool and silks, Holland & Sherry expanded into the furnishings trade and have now become a fixture in the world of home décor. With showrooms all across the world, from Istanbul to Dallas, Holland & Sherry displays their world of luxury and elegance.


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