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Collaborate with our design team and create extraordinary interiors with Gracie Wallcovering…60 plus years of combined experience designing exquisite interiors with the finest fabrics and wallcoverings. Custom window treatments, bedding & pillows made to order.

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To create something by hand is to create something unique to the entire world. Gracie hand printed wallpapers are just that – singular, personal, and exquisitely unique.  For over 100 years, the name Gracie has come to signify a standard of excellence few can attain, it assures every customer that the product they are receiving is the finest quality.

A commitment to tradition is the hallmark of Gracie wallpaper. Many of their lines are created employing the same techniques used in the 18th and 19th century.  Hand painted panels and wallpapers depict traditional scenes of Asian landscapes and settings that are art worthy to be placed in a museum. Other scenes include classic English hunts, sailboats in soothing blue waters, and historical events. Textured wallpapers are created by overlapping sheets of paper, each one handcrafted and unique.

Over a century ago, Charles R. Gracie founded his company in New York City. What began as a business selling custom lamps soon transformed into a business specializing in Asian antiques.  It was in the 1930’s that Mr. Gracie became enamored with Chinese hand painted wallpapers, believing there was a market for this unique product. These custom made wallcoverings soon became their signature line. Today, Gracie is still a family run business based out of New York with a design studio in China.


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