Duralee recognizes that value-driven ingenuity, innovative products, and personalized customer service are key. Building off those cornerstones, they have become a household name in the world of décor. Duralee constantly adapted and evolved to maintain their reputation as an innovator.  Talented designers help drive the industry and push them forward. Duralee aligned themselves with emerging and established designers to create distinct and stylish licensed collections; such as Thomas Paul, Eileen Kathryn Boyd, John Kirar. Lonni Paul, Tilton Fenwick, and Tobi Fairley.


In 1999, Duralee added trim to provide those fine details that complete a design project. In 2001, Duralee expanded its brand to include Highland Court, an elegant and luxurious high-end look and feel. Stunning craftsmanship, rich textures, and sophisticated patterns and palettes are steeped in a style that embraces luxury. Furthering its brand expansion, Duralee Furniture was launched. When it was launched, it was the first time a fabric company had created their own in house line of furniture.  Two valued and distinct fabric divisions – Duralee and Highland Court allow the customer to create and design their furniture from a full range of décor choices. In addition to their in house collections, Duralee also carries other noted fabric lines; Bailey and Griffin, B. Berger, Lulu DK and James Hare.


Duralee is one of the major fabric houses in the interior design world today, with 12 corporate showrooms, 70 agent showrooms, and 41 international showrooms. However, half-a-century ago it was no more than a walk-in closet office, and the dream of founder Lenny Silberman who said the future – “was what you made it”.  What he made of it still resonates today.

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