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Collaborate with our design team and create extraordinary interiors with Chelsea Textiles…60 plus years of combined experience designing exquisite interiors with the finest fabrics and wallcoverings. Custom window treatments, bedding & pillows made to order.

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Elements of great designs never go out of style, and Chelsea Textile embraces this tenet of decor.  Chelsea Textiles's goal was to produce the finest hand-embroidered fabrics that were of the same quality and sophistication as those created in the 17th and 18th centuries. Chelsea Textiles has expanded their original design ethos to include the style of the early 20th century.  These looks, while timeless have been intimately updated and adapted to encompass the look and style of the 21st century. Chelsea Textiles is seen throughout the world as high-end home décor in the world’s most exclusive hotels. Sophisticated boutique lodgings like the Covent Garden, Haymarket and Crosby Street Hotels look to Chelsea Textiles to set them apart with their sophisticated and innovative collections.

Chelsea Textiles style is based on 17th and 18th century designs has found their way to make this looks feel fresh and innovative. The classic designs captures the outdoors but with an anglicized twist. Delicate Vines is a line of intricate curls that are a study in nature’s simplistic beauty.  Chelsea Textiles line goes beyond the classic floral and expands to the creatures that bring a garden to life. Some other lines set the standard with a meticulous attention to style and detail.


Begun in 1990, Chelsea Textiles is a family firm created by Mona Perlhagen. Mona Perlhagen realized that the classic look of antique embroidered fabrics and cushions were a niche that needed to be served. After careful research and discovering authentic source materials, Mona created Chelsea Textiles. Today Mona’s daughter, Jenny Simpson is the company’s Chief Designer who continues Chelsea Textile’s commitment to innovative style.


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