Although, an ocean away from its founding homeland, Brunschwig & Fils never strayed from the firm’s core belief – that French style in all manner of décor, design and in life would be their guiding light.  Today, that fundamental tenet is what still drives Bruschwig &Fils. Brunschwig & Fils collections reflect the modern French style taken from the 1940s. The exact same looms are used to create today’s luxurious brocades, lampas, and velvets from the time of Louis XIV two centuries ago.

Brunschwig & Fils's designs are filled with artistry, no surprise, since many of their past collection were inspired by the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York,  and the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.  It is the French way to become inspired by breathtaking beauty and art. But such reverence for the past does not hold back innovation and creativity in their designs.  In fact, it inspires it and pushes Brunschwig & Fils to new heights of style.  With their dedication to service, quality, and craftsmanship, it only follows that they would be considered the leader in creating contemporary and historically inspired fabrics, wallcoverings, trimmings, upholstered furniture, and furnishings.

In 1900, Achille Brunschwig founded Brunschwig & Fils in France.  Beginning as a small tapestry weaving mill, the company expanded to include printed and woven silks, as well as cottons as part of its collection. In time it cultivated into international acclaim for its quality, and by 1925 it had opened numerous showrooms across the United States.  Today, Brunschwig & Fils is now a part of the Kravet fabric family. Kravet Fabric is a 5th generation family owned company that has a business presence in over 100 countries worldwide.  As a global leader, Kravet Fabrics style has an innovative cutting edge design that exceeds all expectations.

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