Baker Lifestyle is the traditional English heritage of GP & J Baker, a fresh modern interpretation of the classic.  Baker Lifestyle is a collection of lines that compliment any décor. Intricate embroideries, assorted prints, floral, toile, or geometric, the Baker Lifestyle brand offers these fabrics in an innovative interpretation. 

Seeking an escape to the country or a soothing walk through a classic English garden? The Baker Lifestyle line can make it happen.  Their varied collections are witty, yet sophisticated embracing a calming color palette that captures a serene lifestyle. Quaint floras’, paisleys, eye-pleasing geometrics and ikat stripes embodies striking combinations of hues that update the classic look. This feeling comes through with their timeless embroideries, prints, and striped patterns that celebrate the garden’s flowers and even its famous chickens. 

Baker Lifestyle is part of the Kravet family of design and home furnishings. Kravet, established in 1918 is a fourth generation family business that is the recognized leader in home décor.

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