Why Are You In Such a Bad Mood? Make Your Home a Happy Place

That's a good question...WHY?

There are many reason why I might be in a bad mood, maybe it's hunger or the busyness of life. Maybe there's not enough fun lately or I'm just tired of wearing a mask! Recently, I saw an article about moods and how color impacts them,  and I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if I was in a bad mood because my couch was blue or I spent too much time in my yellow bathroom." So I read on and this is what I found ...

"Interior designers have long believed that color can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions," according to Kendra Cherry. "Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood, and even influence physiological reactions."

Do I believe this?

No, I don't. There is a simple reason why; it relates to color, but it doesn't blame it.

Ready, here it is ...

After all, we all have a favorite color for a reason.

BUT, what is the reason some people love one color and another person will feel like the color makes them sad?  

According to me, and the many years I have worked as a board certified behavior analyst, people tend to associate and pair colors with their own individual experiences - good and bad. 

So dig into the rich colors of autumn or cool winter colors when decorating. Pick the colors that give you a warm fuzzy feeling or a calm sense of ahhhh. Trends may come and go, but stick to the colors that you love. Keep your favorite colors around you, and if your ever do get in a bad mood then you know it will be for another reason besides the blue-toned couch or yellow bathroom, LOL.

Here are some of my happy colors used in home décor that I would love seeing in every day. 

Kravet Fabrics  Pattern Klosters Ikat-Dew and pattern Dirndl-Silver Sage

How can I resist the scene from this window? When I first saw this picture, I could not believe it was real. Kravet Fabrics  Pattern Klosters Ikat-Dew and pattern Dirndl-Silver Sage.

James Hare from the House of Scalamandre

The soft shade of tobacco, cream and seafoam green make these James Hare-covered cushions from the House of Scalamandre some of my favorite accent pillows this fall. 

Kravet (Branches Pacific) and Fabricut (Ro Branches).

Just love the way nature rings with these soft blues and browns wallpapers. Kravet (Branches Pacific) and Fabricut (Ro Branches).

Osbourne and Little -Pattern Rosings

Silk done right, beautiful colorful shades of my favorite lime green and pink; a winning combo by Osbourne and Little-Pattern Rosings.


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