Get Ready for Redecorating: What's Trending This Season?


Looking to redecorate this season? Tap into some of this year’s hottest trends to update your home décor. Here are five decorating ideas that can elevate your space.


Opt for Statement Colors and Patterns


A burst of color can change a room’s entire look. In fact, Paint and Color Trends Report for 2023 indicated that 58% of experts say neutrals with pops of bold color will be the most popular color palettes this year, with rich jewel tones scoring highest.

That means sprucing up your interior with bold colors such as teal and cobalt blue can keep you on trend while brightening your home’s look. Some other popular colors this year are blush pink, mint green and pale blue, said Melissa Hawkins, editor-in-chief of Home Arise. “These colors are perfect for creating a calm and serene atmosphere in your home.”

One place you’ll see more color on is front doors. “As the gateway to the home, the front door is an opportunity to make a big first impression,” said Mallory Micetich, home expert at Angi. “The home has become more important to people over the past few years and there is a greater desire for the outside to reflect the people who live inside. A colorful front door is a high impact, low cost update people can make to help their home feel more like them.”

 In terms of patterns, geometric and art deco influences abound. “This is a great way to add some visual interest to your space without being too overwhelming, said Hawkins. Art deco and ornate furnishings are also back. “We’re seeing a resurgence of these styles that have been around for decades and they’re making an even bigger splash this year,” said Chris Alexakis, an interior designer, and the founder of CabinetSelect, an online cabinet retailer. “Art deco is all about bold geometric shapes, such as zigzags and chevron patterns, and ornate furnishings are more about intricate details and luxurious materials.”

kitchen with modern table

Bring nature inside by including plants in your decor.

Blending Disparate Looks Together

Expect pattern clashing as a fad this season, according to Lisa Cooper, head of product at Thomas Sanderson. “Fabrics, textures and patterns are set to collide to give a burst of freshness … Patterns you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see together will be made for each other, including wallpaper, window dressings and soft furnishings.”

The best way to indulge in pattern clashing, she advises, is by varying the scaling. “A large pattern paired with a small pattern allow such design to stand out for their own individuality, without making the room look too busy,” Cooper recommended.

Combining a variety of styles like mixing modern and vintage elements can create a pleasing eclectic look, agreed Alexakis. Velvet, for example, offers a timeless classic vibe with its unique texture. Adding a fabric like white linen with its vibrancy and light can create a nice blend of modern sophisticate with sumptuous luxury.

Homes can feature a multitude of styles, including mid-century modern, retro, art deco and 80s. “Designers are experimenting with different ways to create unique visuals,” offered Nick Lines, director, Internal Doors, a DIY product online retailer. “2023 ushered in exciting trends and this is continuing throughout the season.” He recommends focusing on clean lines with a functional design for the best look.

Richard Fung, owner of Forever Homes, explains that even styles such as art deco look more modern and less linear these days. Design is “more about evoking an overall richness of modern home décor,” he said.

“Don’t be afraid to experiment with color, texture, and materials to create a space that is truly yours,” advised Alexakis. “With the right furnishings, you can create a space that is both stylish and comfortable."

Living room with lots of light and simple furniture

Curved furniture brings a distinct look to your room.

Get Into Curves and Imperfection

A rise in soft curved shapes is something you’ll see in upholstered pieces and case goods, according to Robin DeCapua, owner and designer of Madison Modern Home. “I'm calling the new energy, "postmodernism meets organic," she said. “A quick trend scan of Instagram and Pinterest will yield a wealth of comfy, yummy white boucle sofas in sinuously curved shapes, bulbous chairs in muted velvets and chunky organically shaped cocktail and end tables.”

As furniture becomes curvier, decor, art, lamps and accessories are following suit and sporting irregular shapes. People have also started to embrace imperfection. “Our homes might see some non-symmetrical designs and imperfect shapes and sizes all around that’s going to stretch the boundaries of interior design even more,” said Simran Kaur, founder of Room You Love. “Abstract art is one. Mushroom decor is second. And whatever irregular shapes you can and cannot think of are third, fourth and fifth.”

Don’t worry about always matching colors, especially with accessories. Art, for example, is supposed to be large, bold and make a statement.
“Art is the new ‘bad boy’ of design and the edgier the better,” advised Kaur.

living room with dots of color and plants

Modern and traditional piece can blend seamlessly together.

Get Back to Nature

The environment is always a source of décor inspiration. This season add earthy, organic elements to your home such as wood, stone and plants, suggested Alexakis. “Add a few botanical prints and you have a natural and modern look. Another trend is to incorporate simple, geometric motifs inspired by nature such as chevron or starburst patterns.”

More sustainable materials, such as bamboo and recycled glass, are also trending, said Hawkins. “In terms of specific colors and materials, we expect to see more earth tones and natural fibers making their way into homes. This is in keeping with the overall trend towards simplicity, as well as a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability.” You’ll see plenty of bamboos, wool and linen in 2023.

“Nature-inspired elements are particularly popular now,” echoed Lines, “things like dried branches, hand-crafted wooden pieces, and indoor plants can really bring life into any room in the home. Homeowners are embracing natural motifs such as wood elements and living plants, both indoors and outdoors.”

The color green is becoming more popular in homes as is terracotta hues find their way into furniture pieces and hardware finishes. “Incorporating stones like marble into bathrooms can be seen as another way to bring nature inside our homes while creating an airy atmosphere simultaneously,” advised Lines. “The use of natural light is also becoming increasingly popular, which can open up any space if used correctly.”

Be ready to see the indoors and outdoors blur as more households use green walls, courtyards and floor-to-ceiling windows — along with plenty of indoor plants. “Home decor in 2023 will be more connected to nature,” said Fung. “The use of natural materials, such as bamboo and timber will gain more popularity. It will be common to pair them with earthy tones to incorporate the visual excellence of nature inside the home. “ 

bedroom with accent mirror

Elements like colored pillows, a mirror and a table lamp bring a room together.

Make Your Home Smart

Technology is constantly developing and if you are doing any spring renovations, it’s a good time to add elements that make life easier. These kinds of updates allow users to control lights, security systems and other appliances in their homes with the sound of their voice. Some current examples include Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homekit, which provide users an easy way to access different features from their phone or tablet.

Smart technology allows you to live slower so you can relax and have less worry for the things you need to get done,” said Cooper. “Forgot to turn off the lights in the living room? Save yourself from having to get up and turn them off using smart technology on your phone or through voice control.”

 Voice activated lighting systems have become more intuitive, according to Alexakis, and they allow users to control their homes lights with simple commands. Automated temperature control systems are also more precise and can make keeping your home cool or warm easy, especially since individual rooms can have different temperature settings. It offers a host of benefits as well, for example, if you're running late at work or leaving early on vacation, you can easily adjust your thermostat to ensure your home is cozy when you return.

“Additionally, many connected thermostats come equipped with sensors that automatically detect when no one is home and adjust accordingly - saving energy by not cooling or heating an empty house,” added Lines. Smart homes ensure that your space looks good and operates efficiently.

All article photos by Madison Modern Home.

Featured photo by Isabelle Taylor/Pexels.



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