Victoria Larson's Heritage Wallpaper Collection Offered Exclusively by Stout Fabrics

Stout Fabrics introduces Victoria Larson, an artist and a painter who infused her knowledge of the arts, into a unique collection of wallcoverings. The Heritage Wallpaper collection consists of a soft color pallet and warm design that maximizes the focal point of any design space. This collection includes the Onlooker, Key Largo, Gentle, and Piedmont, each with an interesting cultural inspiration Victoria Larson envisioned.

Pattern: Key Largo Wallcovering

Victoria attributes the influence of the Heritage Collection to Contemporary Art and cultural heritages found in Australia and New Zealand. The Maori symbol, composed of curved shapes and spirals, is incorporated into this Gentle wallpaper pattern.

Pattern: Gentle Wallcovering

A Maori twist pattern symbolizes the path of life. The path of life takes many twists and turns but carries on regardless. The history of the Maori symbol was expressed through arts and crafts.


Maori Eternity Symbol-Single Twist Design  



Also, intertwined into the pattern of Stout’s Gentle wallpaper is the addition of dots that Victoria placed around the edges, which were inspired by traditional Aboriginal dot painting. This type of pattern can be found in the Mbantua Aboriginal Art Gallery in Australia.

Traditional Aboriginal Art from Central Australia


Victoria notes that the Piedmont Wallcovering pattern is inspired by the feathers of songbirds found in New Zealand’s wildlife and can be seen vividly in the detail of the Fantail. This wallpaper is created with soft feather-like strokes developing into a layered pattern of texture.

Pattern: Peidmont Wallcovering


One of New Zealand’s best-known small endemic songbirds, widespread throughout New Zealand in a variety of habitats, is characterized by a long white and black tail that constantly flicks around and fans. 

New Zealand’s Songbird   


Let’s not forget about New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes and beaches. Add this image to their sweeping valleys, interesting plants carpeted with wildlife, and infuse Australia’s Contemporary Art, and herein lies the culmination of Victoria’s Heritage wallcovering collection. 

New Zealand Picture Courtesy of Travel Awaits 


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