Spotlight on Thibaut Fabric, Wallcovering and Custom Design

Thibaut Fabrics

If you can dream it, you can add it to your decor. Custom design allows you to create one-of-a-kind looks using your favorite brands ... like Thibaut Fabrics and Wallcovering. 

American Richard E. Thibaut started this interior design heavyweight in 1886. Once called the "world's largest wallpaper company," the brand now offers everything you need for a major home re-design or to subtly rework a room - from fabric to wallcovering. Read more about Thibaut Fabric here.

Here's some Thibaut Fabrics looks we love. Let our custom design team help you get them.

Bring Out the Accent Pillows

Thibaut fabric pillows

Nothing finishes a look or changes the ambience of a room more easily than pillows. We especially love these persimmon tones for the holidays!

Bring Nature Inside with Thibaut's Wallcovering

Shivonne Thibaut wallpaper

Whether you contemplate nature from the comfort of your bath or the corner reading chair, bringing the outside in with branches and leaves creates a restorative and calming space. Shivonne wallpaper is full of beautiful ornate details.

Black and White Is Oh So Nice

Thibaut -Lauderdale Dining Chair in Bossa Nova Velvet woven fabric in Midnight

Classic. Simple. Beautiful. Bossa Nova Velvet woven fabric in Midnight makes this Lauderdale Dining Chair a centerpiece of this room.

Blog featured photo: The Stratford Ottoman is covered with Rhythm Velvet woven fabric in Ruby and Garnet, and will add a burst of soft brightness to your living space.


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