Get the Look: Refined Living Spaces Featuring Fabrics from Marcus William/Stout

There's nothing like a comfy couch with accent pillows that creates a cozy atmosphere while still looking refined. Get inspired by this room, which features Marcus William Stout fabrics, and adapt it to your own needs. Custom design enables you to choose the colors and fabrics you like best. 

The full look displayed on our featured image breaks down into these smaller parts:

Marcus William Stout fabric

Frodo 8 Russet and Denny Salmon make a perfect pair of accent pillows. Frodo with its fun pattern of oblong dots comes in nine other colors and Denny offers a sweet jacquard shimmer in five looks. The fabrics make lovely top-tacked pillows, available in various sizes.

Marcus William Stout fabric

This geometric Ecoleaf pattern (pictured here: chocolate) comes in nine other colors and the Frodo pattern (also seen above) matches the accent pillow on the other side. 

Marcus Williams Stout fabrics made into a couch and curtains

Couch fabric features Frodo 6 in goldenrod creates a cohesive look to match the russet pillows circular design. Available in nine other colors. Bayonne 4 Salmon with its flock of gentle suspended feathers makes an elegant window treatment with pinch pleat drapery.

Marcus Williams Stout fabrics made into drapes

For a softer, more shimmery window treatment, you can also opt for the Denny pattern, available in five colors. Pictured here: Salmon pinch pleat drapery.



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