Do Lambs Say, "OUCH" in Order to Keep us Woolie Warm?

Do lambs say, "OUCH"?

I am happy to report the answer is "NO!"

Lambs do not feel any pain when they are receiving a "shearing," which is the same as us getting a haircut. That is not to say that accidental cuts don’t happen during the shearing process, according to the American Society of Animal Science. These cuts are generally similar to nicks that occur when men get a shave at the barber shop. 

If lambs could talk they would thank the gentle hands of their barber because shearing keeps them healthy. Without this process, they could overheat. Also urine, feces and other materials can become trapped in the wool, attracting insects that cause infections. All this could lead to their death. 

Now that we got that cleared up

I have come to realize how amazing wool can be when decorating your home. Lambs and cozy interiors? Who would have thought? Osbourne and Little has a new line of wool fabrics that take cozy decor to the next level. From throws to pillows, wool accents the home in an elegant and warm sort of way. 

osborne and little wool throws

Ask us about the multiple colorways of Moulton wool. You can order a sample and see how these soft colors and patterns work in your home. 

Osbourne and Little wool fabrics


Osborne and Little throw and pillows



wool throws and pillows



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