Coming This Fall-The House of Scalamandré Opens Its Doors to Hinson

Here's the NEWS

The Hinson brand has a new home with The House of Scalamandré. The continued commitment of striking transitional elegance of Hinson’s fabric, wallcovering and lighting designs will not miss a beat with this exciting change of ownership from Donghia of the Rubelli Group. Hinson’s offerings have a purity and exquisite level of artistry that threads through all their designs.

Hinson Palm pattern - Scalamandre

Pattern: HINSON PALM-available for purchase from Fabrics and Home-Fall 2020

Since 1927, A Tradition Remains  

With the many brands housed together with Scalamandré, the inherent characteristics of each brand’s unique identity have always remained unscathed and is the company's backbone of their business model. In a recent press release earlier this month, Chad Stark, president of The House of Scalamandré, stated that preserving each brand's core identity is his family's philosophy passed down through the generations. This is one of many reasons Scalamandré continues to be a leader in the design industry.

Uniformity is quite the opposite approach Louis Renzo, CEO of The House of Scalamandre, is taking as he leads this company into the 21st Century.  “With our new strategy as The House of Scalamandré, we are continuing to strive for a complete, diverse assortment," Renzo explained in the release. This new strategy makes the acquisition of the Hinson brand’s unique collections, a perfect fit for us.

The Hinson brand's vibrant colors with unique color formation in contrasting shaped designs create breathtaking, umpphh! ! Then the true classics still remain, CLASSIC...

George Hansen Splatter Wallcovering and Lamp

A Bit of Hinson History

Harry Hinson founded Hinson and Company in 1971. According to Business of Home, Hinson’s successful career in the design field began in 1962 with two jobs. The first job was at Bloomingdale's and the second at Bonwit Teller where he worked with acclaimed interior designers Barbara Darcy and Mildred Custin.  Hinson was a visionary who first created Quadrille Wallcoverings with three other people. After this, Hinson created Hinson and Company, which was a resource for fine hand-screened wallpapers and fabrics, woven fabrics, fine furniture, and decorative accessories. Hinson passed away on September 9, 2014, at the age of 76. 

Harry Hinson

Photos of Harry Hinson by The Peak of Chic-Bottom picture taken in 1981. 

Hinson will continue to be Hinson through the vision and integrity of Scalamandré.




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