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Americans gave an average of nine gifts during the last holiday season, according to the Deloitte Holiday Retail Survey ... and that was just for one month. Now add in all the birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other celebrations and you'll find gift giving continues all year long. Fabrics and Home has designed this special gift guide for all the DIYer's and interior decorators — a compendium that emphasizes home decor presents you're sure to love.


Family pillows personalize your space.

Personalization Makes Gifts Special

Personalizing gifts make them more meaningful, according to Joseph Debicella, owner of Groovy Girl Gifts

“Gifts that have names or nicknames on them tend to last longer and are used more frequently because they are felt to be more significant,” he said. “When you have a personalized item, you tend to use it more with a smile, remembering who it came from and the special occasion.” 

personalized throw blanket

A personalized blanket will adorn someone's living room for years.

A Dash of Cozy

Both throws and pillows work well as home decor gifts because it makes your dwelling more warm and pleasant — for yourself and your guests. Both products give off a cozy feel and clean look, according to Debicella. “Throws and pillows put people into a welcoming and more relaxing state,” he said. “Guests of your home feel more comfortable and want to stay a while.” 


Art, like this line illustration, provides a focal point in a room.

Artwork Always Impresses

Displaying art in their home is a way for people to express themselves, with 52 percent opting for paintings, 30 percent choosing photographs, 25 percent showcasing ceramics and 17 percent enjoying tapestries and crafts, according to a Statista survey.

While choosing art for family and friends can offer challenges — maybe you like impressionism but they prefer realism — a print created from a cherished memory is sure to please. Giftyet produces line illustrations based on photographs that you provide. This allows them to produce a one-of-a-kind gift that captures specific and special memories, such as a summer trip to Paris or a funny moment with your best friends, said owner Cicily Hui. These prints are not only sentimental, but also serve as beautiful modern home décor.


Bonfire Bourbon Tealight Candles bring the outdoors inside with its scent of smokey amber, bitter orange, coconut and peach.

Can You Ever Have Too Many Candles?

Scented candles transform your surroundings, adding ambience, evocative smells and decoration to a room. Enjoy a variety of possibilities as you choose from opulent three-wick jar candles to tealights, wax melts and more. You can always use another candle. After all, a big one might burn 25 or more hours, but smaller versions only light a space for four to six hours. This gift needs replenishing often and each season brings its own scents.

“Choose fragrances that complement the desired mood or theme of the space,” advised Julio Arco, founder of Bark and Chase. “As a gift, consider high-quality candles with unique scents or a stylish diffuser that can double as a decorative object.”


You can make this storage basket using recycled cotton yard — both beautiful and eco-friendly.

Paint by numbers

DMC Designer Collection makes creativity easy with kits that include all supplies and a pre-printed image to follow.

DIY Presents Are Fun ... and Beautiful

DIY is a huge market, predicted to hit a revenue of more than $1.2 billion by 2030, according to Research Dive

So many home decorators like a good DIY project, especially if it can be completed in just a few afternoons. We like the Gift of Stitch collection by DMC because each kit includes everything you need for the project including supplies, instructions and, even, online video tutorials. Plus, engaging in crafts like these can reduce anxiety and alleviate burnout. 

DMC macrame

Macrame made easy with this Knotted Waves kit.

Accent Pieces Always Add to a Room 

People love their pets. Cat owners alone are in 42.7 million U.S. households, for example. Accent pieces, in general, always add to a room, but pieces that complement a person’s interests are especially welcome.cat rug

This ying-yang cat accent rug will please your feline-loving friends.

“Small gifts like pillows, rugs, frames, and decorative objects can make a big impact in enhancing the overall look and feel of a home,” offered Arco. “By considering elements like color, texture and form, you can find the perfect gift for family and friends who love to add personal touches to their living spaces. With thoughtful selections, these small gifts can contribute to creating a more inviting, comfortable and engaging environment for your loved ones to enjoy.”


gift card

Fabrics and Home offers gift cards so you can always give that perfect present.

You Can Never Go Wrong With a Gift Card

Stores sell billions of gift cards each year … and here is why: people like receiving them. A gift card gives you the permission to purchase something you admired but never bought. Learn their history with our piece on how gift cards began (hint: it started with Blockbuster).



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