Create Fun Home Decor in Your Kid's Room - With Designs That Grow With Them

Want a bedroom that captures the whimsy of childhood, but also allows its basic design to grow with your kid, from toddler to teen? Start by creating a neutral canvas, and basic décor and furniture. Think, too, about using items that are easy to swap out as your baby becomes a tween and then older. “As children transition through life, you want their rooms to be able to transition with them,” said Nora Mitchell, interior designer and editor-in-chief of Household Advice. “A kid’s room should be multifunctional for all things including homework, sleep, play and relaxation.” 

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Go For Adaptability in Design

While trends are fun, they often do not last in a kid's bedroom, Mitchell pointed out. “They move on to the next bigger and better thing,” she said. “Therefore, sticking to only a few trends to incorporate into a room is the best way to not be stuck with too many, long term. You should also try to find trends that can grow with the child and therefore will be around longer and not be a waste."

Things like wall decorations, for instance, are easily adaptable, said Stacy Lewis, an interior designer at Eternity Modern, an online store that specializes in mid-century modern furniture and decor. “Make a place on the walls for pictures of your loved ones,” she suggested. “It is possible to make a child's room seem special and distinct by adding personal touches like pictures, posters, and other visual recollections.” As Pooh Bear is replaced by Harry Potter and then band posters, art like this is easily updated as tastes change. Older children might even like an inspiring or humorous quote on display.

Bookshelves are another can’t miss item. “When a bookshelf is installed in a child's room, they will keep their space a lot more organized,” said Lewis. “Helping kids clean up their rooms may be a challenge, but giving them a bookshelf that they can use to organize their possessions is a big help.” It also provides another space that grows with the child. From holding their picture books and toys, a bookshelf can become a storage center for more mature reading materials and keeps collections intact, not scattered around the house in broken bits and pieces.

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Let furniture have its own sections in the room

Creating specific spaces for play, study and sleep organizes a room and adds to its functionality. Loft and bunk beds are two of the most popular trends in children's bedrooms currently, according to Lewis. Both allow you to alter the room as kids become bigger. “It's about rearranging the furniture and giving the room a whole new appearance and feel,” said Lewis. In addition to providing more storage space, lofts provide additional room for a desk or play area beneath.

Desks are important as the pandemic taught everyone. Having a designated area for homework … and, perhaps, online schooling allows kids to concentrate on their work. Plus, this space easily changes as your children do; they can opt for a new chair, pile their toys, books or other important possessions in the drawers and other nooks. “One of the largest trends we are seeing with children’s rooms is to create a space for work and play,” said Mitchell. “As kids become older as they will always need access to both a sleeping and working space.” 

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Walls and window treatments should be practical, fun and relaxing

When it comes to painting a child's room, blue is often a choice for boys. But everyone actually benefits from the hue’s relaxing and soothing attributes, offered Lewis. So the tone can calm down those toddler tantrums as well as teens sweating AP tests and college applications. “We're seeing more trends in gender neutral rooms,” added Steven Coleman, CEO of “For example, we're seeing more light pink and lavender bedrooms with dark navy accents.” Pairings of bright colors against pastel shades help create a relaxing, yet stimulating environment.

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You’ll want to consider limiting the light that comes into the bedroom, especially at night, when you choose window coverings. Blackout curtains for young children can keep them (and you!) on a regular sleep schedule. Consider the ability to limit the quantity of light that enters your children's bedroom or playroom when selecting window coverings. [Tip: Fabrics and Home can help! We offer custom design services that can create the perfect window treatments for your needs.]

For older kids, wall tapestries and neon decorate and brighten the space. “It's a great decoration if a room feels too plain and your teen needs something to shake the surrounding atmosphere,” said Eva Bowker, an interior designer and home improvement coordinator at Fantastic Handyman Australia. “The options are endless, from constellations, zodiac signs, custom art, TV show posters, to nature scenes and maps.”

Neon can offer a fun way to brighten a room. LED light strips became trendy as it appeared on TikTok, according to Courtney Stables, public relations specialists at Custom Neon. “It's enormous amongst gamers and young teens, she said. “They look wicked and create the most incredible ambience!” Neon signs also are popular and provide a good way to add a bit of color and light to a space. Parents also like them as a nightlight.

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A Bit of DIY Makes a Room Personal

For those who like a good DIY project, Bowker recommended using Washi tape decorations. “This is an extremely multipurpose decorating tool as it gives you so many opportunities,” she said. “You can make picture frames, use it to decorate the furniture in the room, make different shapes on the walls and windows, the options are endless.” Plus, it gets your kid involved in the decorating process. When they get tired of the designs, it easy to remove the tape without damaging the walls or furniture.

You should also include their artwork. “Make use of them by putting them in pretty frames and hanging them on the wall,” offered Bowker. “It’s a much better way to show off than just putting them on the fridge door. If your kids are not the artistic type, buy a few prints that are related to their interests and frame them instead.”

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Are your kids leaving the nest? Read our articles on how to decorate those empty bedrooms and a DIY project to turn an old toddler stool to a cool accent table.

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