Create Interior Balance with Cowtan & Tout and Jane Churchill Wallcoverings

Make the Perfect WALL-Statement

Being passionate about a "just right" designed space means balancing out the background elements with the displayed objects around the room. A freshly painted room can be elegant in itself, but also adding a hint of wallpaper can really bring your walls alive. Wallcoverings have made a huge comeback over the past 20 years - from a flat one-dimensional look made of just plain paper to today's popular textured wallcoverings handmade with exquisite materials. Give your current decor a quick refresh with the subtlety of these fine wallpapers.

Create a Feature Wall in Your Space

Featuring a wall simply means adding a wallcovering to one wall and blending the color of the painted walls ever so slightly. Jane Churchill Wallcovering, new for 2020, is made with contemporary vinyl materials and has the most intricate design of subtlety.

Jane Churchill Rex wallpaper

Pattern: Rex Wallcovering by Jane Churchill available in seven colors 

Jane Churchill Madison Wallpaper

Pattern: Madison by Jane Churchill Wallpaper   (Displayed in the Feature Image)

Cowtant and Tout Fabrics 2020 Wallpaper Collection of modern woven and printed grasscloths in earthy color tones is a twist on the transitional. 

Bamboo Jar Wallpaper by Cowtan and Tout Fabrics

Pattern: Bamboo Jar Wallpaper by Cowtan and Tout Fabrics- Made in Sisal and Cotton and available in four colors

Cowtan & Tout Metropole Wallpaper

Pattern: Metropole by Cowtan & Tout Fabrics and Wallpapers



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