Kasmir Fabric - Chambers Trellis - Redwood


Kasmir Fabric - Chancery Lane - Cocoa


Kasmir Fabric - Charla - Coral


Kasmir Fabric - Charla - Navy


Kasmir Fabric - Checkered Out Io - Rust


Kasmir Fabric - Checkout - Sand


Kasmir Fabric - Cherie Amour - Watermelon


Kasmir Fabric - Chiclet - Carbon


Kasmir Fabric - Chiclet - Glass


Kasmir Fabric - Cipollini Io - Gold


Kasmir Fabric - Clash - Birch


Kasmir Fabric - Cleburne - Garnet


Kasmir Fabric - Cleburne - Grass


Kasmir Fabric - Club - Barley


Kasmir Fabric - Club - Chocolate


Kasmir Fabric - Club - Sand


Kasmir Fabric - Club - Tan


Kasmir Fabric - Coffer - Basil


Kasmir Fabric - Coffer - Cobalt


Kasmir Fabric - Coffer - Graphite


Kasmir Fabric - Coffer - Teal


Kasmir Fabric - Comal - Garnet


Kasmir Fabric - Comal - Grass


Kasmir Fabric - Conan - Black


Kasmir Fabric - Coral Bay - Black


Kasmir Fabric - Coral Beach - Citron


Kasmir Fabric - Corby - Basil


Kasmir Fabric - Corby - Black


Kasmir Fabric - Corby - Chocolate


Kasmir Fabric - Couture - Silversage


Kasmir Fabric - Cross Current - Rustic


Kasmir Fabric - Cross Stitch - Vintage


Kasmir Fabric - Crosshatch - Mist


Kasmir Fabric - Cu104 - Antique


Kasmir Fabric - Cu110 - Dove


Kasmir Fabric - Cu110 - Java


Kasmir Fabric - Cw400 - Latte


Kasmir Fabric - Delmonico - Broccolini


Kasmir Fabric - Delphi - Aqua


Kasmir Fabric - Deming - Tweed


Kasmir Fabric - Deville Scroll - Spa


Kasmir Fabric - Distinctive - Port


Kasmir Fabric - Dot Matrix - Umber


Kasmir Fabric - Double Dutch - Grapevine


Kasmir Fabric - Drina - Indigo


Kasmir Fabric - Duchamp - Bark


Kasmir Fabric - Duggan - Black


Kasmir Fabric - Duncanville - Paris


Kasmir Fabrics and Furnishing has thrived behind a simple belief – offer the client extraordinary products, a commitment to service, and incredible designs.For nearly half a century that credo has served them well.  Kasmir has conjured up a stylish and sophisticated portfolio that captures the essence of easy living. Indoor and outdoor spaces can now feature that permanent vacation feel. Kasmir has an eye for the exceptional fabrics, trimmings and hardware that is a permanent presence in the marketplace.

Kasmir makes a statement with silks, sheers and velvet from across the room because of their textures, embroideries and prints.  Kasmir understands that design projects must have a variety of looks and price points in order to work well for their clients.  They offer two extraordinary options. The first is Tommy Bahama’s performance fabric which is a distinct line of woven, embroidery in natural fibers which can be ordered in a variety of colors, and styles. The second is, Kasmir Concepts line which offers the latest styles and trends and the expected quality without having to compromise on price point. What is a cake without icing? What’s a room without trim?  Adding that perfect accent of color or texture is what satiates great style. Kasmir is able to inspire those choices with one of the most comprehensive stock trim collections.  Whether it is a bold tassel, chic cord or delicate brush fringe, Kasmir has the trim to fit any project.

Across the world, Kasmir is the source for luxurious fabric and trim.  Kasmir does not just create top of the line products, they are a part of a design process every step of the way.  From concept to ordering, Kasmir makes fabrics, hardware and trim in any style, pattern or color easy to attain.  Their massive 200,000 square foot hi-tech facility in Dallas is home to one of the largest and most design diverse inventories in the industry. Showrooms are located in exclusive locations across the United States.

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