Greenhouse Fabrics - 91518

Greenhouse Fabrics - 91518

Greenhouse Fabrics - 91518

Price: $8.95/Yard

brand: Greenhouse Fabrics

pattern name: 91518

pattern number: 91518

color: Linit

color name: 8

content: 70% Polyester, 30% Cotton Lustre Finish, Back-Filled 125Yds/Rl, 500 Yds/Case

width: 54"

suggested use: Drapery

item type: Fabric

origin: THAILAND

finish: Other

cleaning code: Dc

additional product info: E04, A01, A81, C19, Lining, Drapery Lining, Crisp Lining, Uv Tolerant Lining, Back Filled With Lustre Lining None

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